offence BrE usually offense AmE noun
1 (C) an illegal action or a crime: Driving while drunk is a serious offence. | a parking offense
(+ against): sexual offences against children | commit an offence (=do something that is an offence) | first offence (=the first illegal thing that someone has done) | criminal offence: Possession of stolen property is a criminal offence. | serious offence: serious offences under the Prevention of Terrorism Act | capital offence (=a crime for which death is the punishment) | minor offence (=one that is not very serious)
2 (U) behaviour which offends someone: cause/give offence (=offend someone): The problem was how to get rid of her without causing offence. | mean no offence (=have no intention of offending someone): Don't be upset by what he said; he meant no offence.
3 no offence spoken used to tell someone that you do not want to offend them by what you are saying: No offense, but this cheese tastes like rubber.
4 take offence to feel offended because of something someone has said or done: She's always quick to take offence.
5 (U) formal the act of attacking: It depends on whether it was used as a weapon of offence or defence.
6 (U) BrE the part of a game such as football concerned with getting points and winning
—see also: offense 1

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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